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Stanford Wong
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This 1994 edition of
Professional Blackjack
is a
major update and expansion. It covers many rules
variations that the previous edition did not cover. It
contains simulation results to replace the "best guesses"
in previous editions. Appendixes C, D, and E are new
material in this edition.
Parts of the previous edition were removed and
expanded into another book,
Black.jack Secrets.
main part involved was the chapter entitled "How to Win
Without Getting Kicked Out." After you master card
counting, you will want to read
Blackjack Secrets
learn how to get away with it in a casino.
Professional Blackjack
is a reference book for card
counters. It contains a virtually complete set of strategy
numbers for the high-low counting system. The num-
bers in this book have been objectively derived on a
computer. This material has been thoroughly tested in
casinos throughout the world.
Win rates herein are estimates based on simula-
tions by
Blackjack Count Analyzer.
The win rates con-
tained in this book are based on simulations totaling
more than ten billion hands of blackjack. You can
this software and reproduce almost
strategy recom-
mendation and almost any win rate in this book.
Small parts of this material first appeared in one or
another of the newsletters:
Stanford Wong
Newsletter, Current Blackjack News, Blackjack World,
Nevada Blackjack.
(Of those, only
Current Black-
jack News
is still published.)
Thanks to the people who read pre-publication
copies and whose suggestions have made this a better
book: Anthony Curtis, Michael Dalton, Dave Douglas,
Frank Polo, Donald Schlesinger, and John Speer.
This book can be improved. If you find passages that
are wrong, or if your questions go unanswered, please
put your comments in writing and email them to me at or mail them to me at Pi Vee Press,
7910 Ivanhoe #34, La Jolla, California 92037-4511. I
reserve the right to publish your questions and my
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