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[Switch Princess, I have come to rescue you.]
[……Oppai Dragon, I believed you would come for me.]
Inside the dark room—the video of tokusatsu film is being projected on the large
screen. The truth is, this happens to be my room. There’s a projector set up inside
my room, and a screen appears with a single button which then shows the video.
……I know that having an equipment like this is too much for a high school
student, but Rias had this installed when the Hyoudou residence went through
renovation for “just in case”. There’s also a theatre installed at the training room
located in the first basement floor. And today……she said she wanted to have a
moody atmosphere, so we decided to have fun watching the film in my room. We
are watching it while making the room dark.
The film we are observing right now is the “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon”. The
House of Gremory that holds the copyrights receives the newest episode from the
video company that has yet to be broadcasted. It gets sent to me, so I start
watching it like this sometimes.
……Now, the one I’m watching it with is;
“……You come to rescue me even in the video.”
The one who is sitting between my legs and leaning her body against me is Rias.
Yeah, I’m watching “Oppai Dragon” alone with Rias right now.
The time we spent together really is really limited ever since the “Qlippoth”
started their assault, so my interaction with Rias is only limited within the time I
have during my lifestyle. ……W-Well, we do sleep together but that’s merely a
part of our usual daily life, so I think it’s different from the private time I can
have with her…… On top of that, even if we go far away and if that isn’t part of
our job, then we would need to ask for permission to a lot of people. The standing
of the Sekiryuutei and the heiress of the House of Gremory is even busier right
now since we are currently fighting against the Qlippoth.
And this is the time we finally got under such situation where we can spend the
time together.
……“The time for us two”. Ah, there’s a nice right to it…… I’m finally able to
talk to her casually now. A lot has happened within this one year, but I think I can
forget all that since I’m so happy for being able to spend the time alone with Rias
like this!
I’m shedding tears of joy, but the screen which is displaying the “Oppai Dragon”
show is currently showing the golden scene where the Oppai Dragon just showed
up and saved Switch-Princess.
Just like Rias said, I have also saved Rias like this before. That’s because I’m
Rias Gremory’s “Pawn”, her servant Devil, and also her—.
When I look down out in a whim—there is a oppai right there! ……I don’t know
how to put it, but my eyes are glued towards her breasts since we are having such
good atmosphere and I can’t pay attention to the video that’s playing in front of
me anymore. So my right hand is moving towards her breast!
……A bit more, if I move my hand a bit more, then I can grope it…… ……No,
we are having such good atmosphere, so I can’t do such thing while watching the
tokusatsu program……! I don’t have to kill this sweet atmosphere by doing such
lecherous thing! I’m also sure Rias will get at me and feel like I killed the mood
if I touch her oppai when the atmosphere is turning good!
I calm myself down and try to pull my hand away. But Rias grabs that hand of
I can feel an extremely soft sensation with my hand!
R-Rias……grabbed my hand when I was trying to pull it away, and she places
my hand on her breast! On top of that, she puts it through her open shirt! So I can
feel her raw breassssst! My whole hand sinks into a circular object, so my right
hand is enjoying her oppai! Ah, Rias’s oppai which is so soft! I can’t resist
myself anymore since I can also feel her body temperature.
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