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Almost four months have passed since the Hyoudou residence was renovated into
a super luxury house with six floors up and three floors down. Yet, we still
continue to find new rooms and functions hidden throughout the house.
For example, I recently found out that there is a hidden room on the first
basement floor. It was found in the basement where there is an audio-
visual/training room and a huge bath. There is a dead-end in one of the corners of
that floor, but a few days ago, we found a hidden door.
According to Rias,
“This house was designed by a designer who is sponsored by Ajuka Beelzebub-
sama. And that designer happens to be fond of creating hidden rooms to the
houses just like Ajuka-sama, hence the reason for there being even more hidden
factors in this house.”
That’s what she said.
Seriously? I wonder what other kinds of hidden things this house has……
In the end, that room was officially taken by Kuroka and Le Fay. They are in fact
terrorists, so they came up with a good excuse that they should stay in the
basement rather than on a ground floor.
Now then, it’s about the other hidden factor……and currently, we are all
happening to be experiencing that right now.
“This sure is a good bath.”
Next to me—Rias who is fully naked says that with a long breath while getting
into the bath.
A door suddenly appeared in a corner of the huge bath. We couldn’t observe such
a thing until a few days ago, but then a mysterious door suddenly appeared.
And what was behind the door—is another new bath.
It’s larger than the bath we have been using till now, and things like the ceiling,
the wall, and the equipment are made gorgeously, and even the ornaments are
made in a flashy way.
There are also tropical plants which makes it look like a jungle bath.
There is hot water pouring out from the mouth of a Dragon statue, and there are
Gremory’s symbols on various parts of this new bath.
Rias made a suggestion while she was shocked at the appearance of this new
She said, “Let’s have a bath together since we have this occasion”.
That was how Rias and I came to use this bath together. I pay attention to Rias’s
oppai despite observing this new bath! My eyes have been filled! I can’t ask for
“It was most likely made in a way for this to show up after some time. You know,
since its already winter, it was made in a way for this to appear exactly at this
Rias says that while she looks around the hot bath.
Installations that show up after some time has passed huh…… Just how many
secrets does the Hyoudou residence hold after going through renovation during
Even though I have many questions, I look in all the direction as if I’m really
busy. That’s natural. Because in this bath—there are other people besides the two
of us that are having a bath here!
In the direction I’m looking towards, there are many girl talks happening in a
cheerful manner. I witness the Church trio that are washing each other’s backs!
“Your hair is beautiful just like I thought, Asia.”
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