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Chapter 71
Clear As Ice And Clean As Jade Young Master Tang San
Part 1
Ning Rongrong kissed Tang San hard on the mouth, saying to Tang San while under the monstrous
gazes of Xiao Wu and Oscar:
“Third brother, thank you, thank you so much. Even though I know the words ‘thank you’ are far from
enough to repay your favor, I really don’t know what else to say. If you didn’t already have Xiao Wu I
would definitely come after you. Third brother, see, my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda already
changed to Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, in other words, I no longer need to follow the clan
Tang San raised his hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s head,
“We’re comrades, what are you doing talking like that.”
While speaking, Tang San slowly opened his eyes.
Instantly, the whole room seemed to shine. Ning Rongrong who was closest to Tang San clearly saw his
eyes completely become golden purple, and as that dazzling light entered her eyes she felt her vision go
white, leaving her completely unable to see anything.
Tang San’s gaze swept from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand. When
that golden purple light in his eyes fell on Xiao Wu his entire body suddenly trembled violently once,
his facial expression becoming entirely strange.
Even though Tang San had already moderated the light in his eyes somewhat, when Tang’s gaze turned
to Xiao Wu she had a kind of feeling as if being seen through. Her pulse suddenly sped up, ‘Don’t tell
me he saw something?’
While Xiao Wu’s heart leapt into her throat, the light in Tang San’s eyes diminished and returned to
normal. With his usual expression he looked down at Ning Rongrong and said:
“Rongrong, it’s alright. I just lost control of my eyesight.”
The white in Ning Rongrong’s eyes gradually faded, and she recovered her eyesight,
“Third brother, what was that ability? Why couldn’t I see anything?”
Even though she had already recovered, she still didn’t quite dare look Tang San in the eyes.
Tang San smiled:
“This is my Purple Demon Eye. If I’m not mistaken, my Purple Demon Eye has risen another level.”
The Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew was worthy of being called a jewel of immortal treasures. Even
if it hadn’t increased Tang San’s spirit power it had still let his Purple Demon Eye pass the detailed
level, directly entering the third phase of Purple Demon Eye’s four layers —— mustard seed.
Furthermore, Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye had also changed a bit because of the Full Moon Wearing
Autumn Dew’s effect.
It was no longer just a supporting effect.
“Little San, congratulations.”
Xiao Wu walked up to Tang San’s side, speaking with a smile. At the same time she was staring closely
at Tang San’s eyes, as if she was searching for something in his expression. Unfortunately, no matter
how she looked he was still the same as always, apparently with nothing amiss.
Rubbing Xiao Wu’s head,
“If you agreed to eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the benefits to you should be the biggest of all of
us. It’s an immortal treasure among immortal treasures. Whether in life or death, flesh or bone, it has
the effect of heaven, earth and nature. And right now you’re the only one who can eat it.”
Xiao Wu held the Yearning Heartbroken Red to her chest,
“I won’t, I’ll never eat it. I’ll always keep it with me.”
A soft cat’s call drew their attention. As they turned to look they found that Zhu Zhuqing had opened
her eyes at some point, and was looking around with her beautiful eyes, her expression somewhat
vacant, as if she had woken up from a dream.
“Zhuqing, how much did your spirit power rise?”
Xiao Wu seemed to recover her normal liveliness and bounced over.
Zhu Zhuqing hesitated a moment,
“Apparently, apparently seven ranks?”
“What are you calling apparently, seven ranks is seven ranks.”
Xiao Wu giggled. Using her body to keep the others from seeing, she raised her hands and groped Zhu
Zhuqing’s chest,
“Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating.”
Zhu Zhuqing cried out in alarm at Xiao Wu’s groping, her charming face immediately blushing deep
“What are you……”
Xiao Wu resolutely said:
“I’m helping you realize it’s real. I didn’t expect your Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone to be even more
effective than theirs. Actually boosted seven ranks. Then don’t you have thirty eighth rank spirit power
Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze floated over to Tang San behind Xiao Wu. While Xiao Wu vigilantly blocked her,
afraid she’s pounce like Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing bowed slightly to Tang San,
“Third brother, thank you.”
Tang San smiled faintly, saying:
“We’re all comrades, there’s no need for thanks. Actually, it’s not that Zhuqing’s Daffodil Jade Flesh
Bone is more effective than anyone else’s, it’s just that these immortal treasure herbs all take effect
differently. For instance, each immortal treasure herb’s effect is around ten ranks of spirit power or so,
but with the principal effect manifesting by transforming the body, the spirit power increase will be
less. Like little Ao’s Eight Petal Immortal Orchid has a comparatively slow absorption process,
requiring an imperceptibly influential process. So it will only boost five ranks.”
Zhu Zhuqing a bit concerned said:
“But then, wouldn’t our strength increase too quickly? Grandmaster once lectured us that cultivation
has to be done incrementally, that the foundations are most important.”
Tang San said:
“Don’t worry, that’s no problem. These immortal treasure herbs strengthen foundations. Not only won’t
your foundation be shaken, it will on the contrary even deepen. I think you will be able to understand it
yourself as you cultivate later.”
Grandmaster slowly opened his eyes a little later. A spirited light flickering within his eyes, his whole
body seeming a lot younger. But right now he was covered in filth and didn’t have time to say anything
to the others before turning around and leaving the log cottage, first finding some place to bathe and
change clothes.
While everyone were sensing the effects of taking the immortal treasure herbs, a resonant phoenix call
and a deep tiger roar rose practically simultaneously.
Golden red flames suddenly discharged from Ma Hongjun’s body, soaring up and directly burning a
large hole in the defenseless roof. Not even dust fell down.
Ma Hongjun’s body had smoothed out within the flame, and even though he was still chubby, he had
clearly lost a considerable amount of fat.
The mohican hairstyle on his head had grown several times longer, even hanging down his back, his
little eyes radiated all around, flames roamed across him as he moved, and behind his back could
faintly be seen a Phoenix pattern, as if reborn.
Fatty was no longer as wretched as before. Making a long cry at the sky filled with abundant majesty.
The pressure of the Phoenix as king among birds clearly made the air heavier.
The tiger roar naturally came from Dai Mubai, shooting up from where he was lying on the floor, spirit
power surged all around him within a one meter range. The hair all over his body had become a
sparkling and translucent snowy white, and intense bursting sounds constantly came from all of his four
limbs. From within that white light the glimpse of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gave people a kind of hair
raising feeling.
“So hot.”
Ma Hongjun called out loudly, yawning and inhaling deeply. The golden red flames around him
immediately withdrew like threads of silk into his mouth, in a moment disappearing unseen. His hair
gradually restored to normal, and only his little eyes still flickered with light.
The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower Dandelion Ma Hongjun ate was, just like Tang San’s Infernal
Precious Apricot, a pure yang immortal treasure. The difference was that the Cockscomb Phoenix
Sunflower was a nourishing immortal treasure, while the Infernal Precious Apricot was highly toxic.
Their manifestations differred somewhat.
First of all, the extrinsic energy of Ma Hongjun’s immortal herb wasn’t intense and could be taken
directly. But if Tang San had taken that plant directly, let alone eating it, he would have burned to
death. He needed the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass to make it possible.
One of the two pure yang immortal herbs generated a kind of endless fiery strength, and one burst with
sudden blazing heat, each with its own characteristics. In terms of how easily they could be taken,
clearly Fatty’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower won out.
“So amazing.”
Fatty laughed loudly,
“My fire has changed, it seems to have become more mellow and gentle. Didn’t you feel the vast
energy in my flame?”
Ning Rongrong let a giggle escape,
“Damn Fatty, always tooting your own horn. How many ranks did your spirit power grow?”
Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun had all obtained their third spirit rings just recently, so
the three had stood at the same starting line. Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power had increased seven ranks, and
her own six ranks.
Fatty urgently sensed the spirit power within him, and couldn’t help saying:
“Fuck me, my spirit power reached the thirty sixth rank. It rose a full five ranks.”
Ning Rongrong giggled,
“Then you’re still not equal to us. Me and Zhuqing grew six and seven ranks respectively.”
Fatty stared blankly a moment,
“No way. So awesome? Third brother, you can’t be partial!”
Tang San helplessly said:
“What partial, go wash off first. The medical effect of that Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower you ate was
even more potent than theirs. Haven’t you noticed how your body has changed? If I’m not wrong, then
hereafter you won’t have to suffer the complications of that evil fire. Even if I don’t know whether your
spirit can be called a pure Phoenix right now, it still shouldn’t be far off.”
At this Fatty discovered that he was filthy, unbearable sticky, and hurriedly ran out to wash.
Dai Mubai stood there quietly. After the tiger roar ended he stood in the same spot, eyes closed, the fur
gradually disappearing, his swollen body gradually restoring to normal.
Even though Zhu Zhuqing didn’t step forward, her deeply concerned gaze never left Dai Mubai. As she
saw he didn’t speak up she couldn’t help be somewhat anxious, wanting to step forward, but being a bit
too shy.
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