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Chapter 36
Grandmaster’s Arrival
Part 1
Dai Mubai puzzled said:
“You are saying, what you shot just now was crossbow bolts? But, where have your crossbow bolts
gone to?”
Tang San smiled slightly, indicating another tree behind the first,
While speaking, he walked over to that tree. This second tree was still ten metres from the first, as
everyone reached him, they only then saw the traces of the bolts the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s
Sixteen crossbow bolts, in two neat rows, completely entering the tree.
Zhao Wuji looked at that tree, taking another look at these bolts,
“Little San, did these crossbow bolts you shot penetrate that previous tree, then again enter this tree?”
Tang San nodded, saying:
“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s power is very formidable, specialised in breaking spirit power defense.
If their defensive power isn’t exceptionally tyrannical, the target will be dead in a moment.”
Hearing Tang San’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but draw a breath, with such an unreasonable
penetrating power, among everyone present, besides Zhao Wuji, all knew they would be unable to
Dai Mubai muttered to himself:
“This thing is too potent, even if I used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, perhaps I would still be
seriously hurt.”
Tang San raised his hand to pat at the tree trunk, relying on Mysterious Heaven Skill to apply
Capturing Dragon force, bit by bit shaking a crossbow bolt from within the tree trunk.
This Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts were not easy to make, the ones previously fired into the Man
Faced Demon Spider were clearly lost, but these he would hate to part with.
While clapping the tree trunk, Tang San meanwhile said to Dai Mubai:
“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow can be said to be the common soldier’s nightmare. But also, its greatest
feature is not its power, but its hidden weapon characteristics of concealment and surprise. As long as
it’s loaded, shooting it doesn’t require any spirit power. Even an ordinary person could easily use it.
According to my calculations, Spirit Masters under fortieth rank if struck from the front, have very
small odds of survival. On non-defense type Spirit Masters it has an extremely powerful restraining
“Tang San, is all this your research?”
Ning Rongrong asked.
Tang San stared blankly a moment, saying with a wry smile:
“It can be considered so.”
He could never tell everyone that these were techniques he had brought from another life.
Ning Rongrong probing asked:
“Tang San, can’t you sell this thing to me? You can set the price. You know I’m an auxiliary system
Spirit Master, without any defensive capability. When everyone’s lives are on the line, besides a bit of
supporting spirit ability, I can only watch. If I had this thing, I could also have a bit of offensive
Tang San let slip a smile, saying:
“Sell what, later I will give you one as a gift. Only, making this thing requires very expensive materials,
this material expenditure is on you.”
Right now, the crossbow bolts had already been clapped out of the tree by Tang San, so everyone saw
the appearance of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts.
The bolts were eight cun long, without fletchings, the rear four cun were cylindrical, the front
four cun were shaped to a needle point, the front-most three cun had a whole twelve tiny blood groves,
the tip extremely sharp, twinkling faintly with cold light, without any wear from penetrating the tree
Tang San flipped the side of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, opening the arrow trough, pushing sixteen
crossbow bolts back inside the box one by one.
Oscar had by now already moved over, his face wearing a flattering smile,
“Little San, aren’t we good brothers?”
Tang San looked at him and smiled slightly, how could he not understand Oscar’s intention,
“Of course, be at ease, I will give each person a Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Just like with Ning Rongrong,
you cover the material costs, I will be responsible for making them. However, Making this thing is very
troublesome, in one month I can only make one. You mustn’t feel anxious. Furthermore, don’t easily
use it except as a last resort. Making the crossbow bolts is also not easy, and after shooting it’s very
difficult to recover them. I’m after all only one person, I definitely can’t provide more than for all of
you to use personally. To say nothing of this Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s own extreme potency, its killing
power is too great, and it’s very easy to cause fatal wounds.”
“Little San, this won’t do.”
Zhao Wuji suddenly spoke up.
Tang San looked blank a moment,
“Why, teacher Zhao.”
Zhao Wuji’s face revealed a cunning smile, looking at the other students he said:
“These fellows are not persons without money. Making this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours isn’t easy,
it can’t be cheap to them. In any case some people don’t care about money, so you estimate a proper
price to sell it to them for.”
Dai Mubai nodded, saying:
“I agree with teacher Zhao. Little San, if you had to sell this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours, how
much money would it be?”
Tang San shook his head with a smile,
“Everyone is one of us, there’s no need to mention money.”
Dai Mubai said:
“One of us is true. But they also can’t let you suffer losses. If one small box is capable of shooting such
enormously powerful crossbow bolts, clearly the craftsmanship is exceedingly complex. We cannot
always let you tax yourself for nothing. Let alone, after we use this thing, we still need to replenish
crossbow bolts. Don’t tell me that every time we would have you make them for free? Don’t be modest
with us. This is proper, this first Godly Zhuge Crossbow counts as your gift to us. We only pay for the
materials. If we later need more, you have to sell it to us, how about it?”
Oscar laughed, saying:
“No problem, like this, anyway every month we all have a not insignificant stipend. This thing can save
our lives in a crucial moment. Being a bit expensive is of no concern.”
Tang San nodded at this, saying:
“Then fine. Since everyone is interested in this mechanism type hidden weapon, afterwards I will strive
to help you all get your own equipment, after all, one more kind of weapon is also one more kind of
Everyone were clearly very interested in the hidden weapon, of course, this also was greatly related to
the effect Tang San produced when using the hidden weapon. After all, on the first day of arriving at
Shrek Academy, relying on hidden weapons he put the compared to him more than forty spirit power
ranks higher Zhao Wuji at a disadvantage. Let alone these students, even Zhao Wuji was somewhat
Finally they had left Star Dou Great Forest. Out of the forest’s boundary, although they no longer had
that fresh and clean air, everyone seemed to be unburdened from a layer of pressure, feeling much
“We will hurry on again, we can rest at the little town.”
Zhao Wuji said with a smile.
Dai Mubai said:
“If everyone’s condition is no problem to rush a bit, after reaching the small town, I would invite
everyone for a drink. Teacher Zhao, this time you can’t decline. If not for your assistance, perhaps we
would all be unable to walk out alive from Star Dou.”
Zhao Wuji smiled, saying:
“Little Bai, I know you’re wealthy. Only, my capacity is vast.”
Dai Mubai laughed,
“Teacher Zhao, did you not hear that sentence? My ability to use money to settle matters is no
Entering Star Dou Great Forest this time, the bounty truly wasn’t small, not only did Oscar succeed in
entering the Spirit Elder realm, Tang San and Xiao Wu also equally succeeded in fusing with their third
spirit rings. Even more significant was strengthening the cooperation and relationship between
everyone. The entire Shrek Academy altogether only had these seven students. Removing conflicts
would be greatly beneficial to everyone’s cultivation from here on.
The party rested at the small town for as much as two days. Recovering spirit power and physical
power naturally didn’t require this much time, but after continuously living in a stretched tight
condition the mind needed to relax.
Dai Mubai was extremely grand, paying for everyone’s expenses over the two days, everyone also
didn’t cultivate, each day drinking together and playing noisily, indescribably pleased. Even the always
ice cold Zhu Zhuqing’s expression softened a lot. Only, she didn’t say anything and didn’t agree to let
Dai Mubai again pull on her hand.
Dai Mubai also didn’t push her, after all, she was just a twelve year old little girl. He wasn’t anxious.
After two days, everyone once again set off, following the one day’s journey they smoothly returned to
Suotuo City’s Shrek Academy.
“Finally back. Coming home feels truly wonderful, ah!”
Oscar somewhat exaggeratedly shouted out loudly.
Zhao Wuji glared at him,
“Keep your voice down, haven’t you seen the sky is dark? Well, you each return to your dormitories to
rest. I will go see the dean and report what’s happened.”
After one day of fast travelling everyone were tired, each walked towards their dorms.
“Tang San, wait a minute.”
Tang San was just about to leave with Oscar for their dorm, when Ning Rongrong called out.
Tang San looked blank a moment,
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