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Chapter 57
Fiend Team
Part 1
Meng Li had considered leaving Silvers City and going to another Great Spirit Arena. After all, without
the income from spirit fights, whether his team or he himself, all relied on the reward money for their
luxurious lifestyle, and weren’t willing to suffer restrictions. Thus they hadn’t joined any power.
However, an hour ago Meng Li suddenly received news from the Great Spirit Arena. Unexpectedly
there was a team that wanted to challenge them. And furthermore it was a level surpassing challenge.
This news made Meng Li ecstatic. No matter that he wasn’t a cautious person, even a cautious spirit
master absolutely wouldn’t believe a thirtieth level team was able to defeat a fortieth level team.
Were it not for spirit fighter Spirit Masters not being allowed to gamble on their own matches, he’d
definitely bet heavily on his team.
Meng Li had already convened all the members on his side, as quickly as possible hurrying to the Great
Spirit Arena, coming to collect the income for their first fight in half a month.
Besides income, there was still venting.
Killing people. Especially killing Spirit Masters, to him and these mad dog like team members, was in
itself a kind of unburdening and pleasure. Were it not for them always living within the area of
influence of the Great Spirit Arena, perhaps they already would have been killed by more powerful
spirit masters any number of times.
Meng Li’s motto was ‘growth through slaughter’.
This year he was thirty years old, he had even thought out his later Title Douluo title: Fiend.
Of course, he also knew himself well enough to realize that becoming Title Douluo in this lifetime was
practically impossible. Only if he had some special luck, like perhaps obtaining an excellent spirit bone
or a ten thousand year spirit ring to alter his physique.
Silvers Great Spirit Arena, Central Main Spirit Arena.
Today was especially bustling, although the news had just spread a couple of hours ago, a spirit fight
like this level surpassing challenge still attracted the interest of a large amount of high level spectators.
Especially when the target of this level surpassing challenge was the Fiend Team well known for its
The Great Spirit Arena’s specialized betting areas were already open, both sides’ spirit power level was
obvious at a glance, so the odds also had extreme disparity.
Fiend Team was only one to one, while Shrek Seven Devils team reached one to ten.
Of course, the Great Spirit Arena wouldn’t suffer any losses, no need to speak of the losers, the winners
would have to pay a ten percent processing fee, this was also a significant reason why Great Spirit
Arena would sometimes organise marvellous spirit fighting competitions: the higher the stakes, the
higher their cut.
This was since long ago the main source of revenue for any Great Spirit Arena, even more than ticket
Very soon the odds changed, as a result of too many betting on the Fiend Team, the odds shifted
accordingly, Shrek Seven Devils team’s side already offered one to seventeen, and the odds were
constantly rising.
On the two betting sides, the line before Fiend Team’s betting point was filled with spectators fearing
they wouldn’t be able to place their bets before the spirit fight began. But Shrek Seven Devils’ side was
completely deserted, besides some speculative betters, practically nobody paid attention.
At this moment, a suddenly appearing voice roused the Shrek Seven Devils team betting point staff
member from their drowsiness.
“I want thirty thousand gold spirit coins, Shrek Seven Devils team.”
“You said what? How much?”
The staff member jumped, hastily questioning closer.
Flender frowned,
“I said thirty thousand gold spirit coins, Shrek Seven Devils’ victory. Alright?”
The staff member swallowed. Although Silvers Great Spirit Arena was the largest spirit arena in Silvers
Kingdom, bets as high as thirty thousand gold spirit coins were still extremely rare.
Flender’s thirty thousand gold coins naturally weren’t all his own, among them were still the Shrek
Seven Devils’, Grandmaster’s, as well as the other several teachers’ secret stashes.
The betters in the Fiend Team line were already laughing loudly, looking at Flender with gazes like
looking at an idiot.
“You’re sure?”
The staff member once again asked.
Flender’s face remained unchanged,
“I’m sure, deposit in cards.”
While speaking, he took out several gold coin transfer cards, using them for his bet.
Right now he was trying his utmost not to smile, he didn’t want the odds to drop due to someone
following his example.
Of course, his fears were completely groundless, at this time, who would be optimistic about Shrek
Seven Devils’ chances?
Great Spirit Arena admittedly had numerous methods to make money, but there was one point everyone
believed in: their impartiality and fairness. Otherwise, Great Spirit Arena’s wouldn’t have so many
spectators anywhere.
The spirit fighter level gap truly was big. On Shrek Seven Devils’ side, there were only four above
thirtieth rank. Besides one thirty eighth ranker, the next highest members were just thirty third rank,
and even thirty second rank Spirit Masters.
The Fiend Team’s side by contrast were all above fortieth rank silver spirit fighters. Although in the
fortieth level tier their ranks weren’t considered too high, their average only forty third rank, when
dealing with Shrek Seven Devils team their superiority was immense.
With one point five more spirit rings on average, adding the spirit power advantage and Fiend Team’s
berserk fighting methods, who would be optimistic about Shrek Seven Devils at this time?
Flender was also exploiting a Great Spirit Arena loophole, although participating Spirit Master’s
couldn’t bet directly, Great Spirit Arena naturally wouldn’t look into whether he represented Shrek
Seven Devils.
When Flender prepared to turn and leave, he suddenly saw a man with the appearance of a chubby
merchant quickly step forward, seemingly extremely nervous to let something slip by.
Handing over a gold spirit coin transfer card, gasping for breath he spoke to the staff member:
“Give-, give me ten thousand gold spirit coins on Shrek Seven Devils.”
The staff member thought to himself that strange occurrences happened every year, but this year they
were especially common. A spirit fight with such a clear outcome, unexpectedly still had so many
people coming to hand over their money.
Having learned from his lessons with Flender, he didn’t again ask anything, but quickly handled the
This time it was Flender’s turn to be baffled, asking the fatty:
“My friend, haven’t you made a mistake? The difference in spirit power and spirit rings is so large
between Shrek Seven Devils and the opponent, and you still bet on them?”
The fatty grinned, keeping his voice low:
“You don’t know about this. I’m a merchant, doing business between Balak Kingdom and Silvers
Kingdom. Not long ago I was in Balak Kingdom’s Suotuo City, just in time to see an extremely
marvellous team spirit fight, one of the leading roles was the Shrek Seven Devils. They absolutely
mustn’t be underestimated because of their spirits. Friend, If you believe me, follow my lead, you’ll
absolutely earn money.”
“So it’s like this. En, I believe you.”
Although Flender’s mouth said this, inwardly he was laughing somewhat. He hadn’t expected to come
across a fan of the little monsters in Silvers, however, this supporter also seemed a bit too ignorant.
Were it not for having those special reasons, even if the little monsters’ spirits were even more
outstanding, how might they still prevail over opponents a level higher.
Even though this side invested forty thousand gold spirit coins in bets, the odds showed no tendency of
dropping, instead the rising trend continued. So as to equalize the bets between the two sides, the Great
Spirit Arena had no choice but to drop the odds for Fiend Team to zero point seven. Despite this, the
betters still didn’t slow down.
As Flender calmly and leisurely walked back to the Great Spirit Arena, the Shrek Seven Devils had
already done their preparations for the fight, and as the betting points outside stopped accepting bets, as
time passed, Silvers Great Spirit Arena’s last team spirit fight for the day, the level surpassing
challenge, would begin.
Grandmaster as usual delivered the Shrek Seven Devils to the Main Spirit Arena’s spirit fighter team
entrance, finally warning them yet again:
“Remember, your opponents are cruel and savage. No need to hold back. Use the fastest way to settle
it. Understand? If something unexpected happens, immediately leave the ring, concede rather than
suffer any harm.”
Tang San nodded to Grandmaster, saying:
“Teacher, don’t worry, we won’t lose.”
Guided by a staff member, the group walked into the Main Spirit Arena ring with large strides.
Since this time they weren’t invited by the Great Spirit Arena, the team leaders couldn’t enter the arena
like last time at Suotuo Great Spirit Arena to wait at the entrance. Grandmaster could only quickly
leave, meeting up with Flender’s group to watch this spirit fight from the stands.
The reason Grandmaster dared let the Shrek Seven Devils issue this challenge was entirely founded on
careful calculations. Tang San hadn’t concealed his hidden weapons from Grandmaster, and
Grandmaster had long ago calculated how much threat each of his hidden weapons could bring to bear
against various ranked Spirit Master.
Right now, regarding this team spirit fight, Grandmaster believed that as long as there were no extreme
peculiarities, it wouldn’t be any problem.
At times, strength didn’t mean victory.
Silvers Great Spirit Arena’s Central Main Spirit Arena didn’t have any major differences from Suotuo
Great Spirit Arena, only its scale being a bit bigger, but the surrounding construction style was
nevertheless exactly the same, from this it could be seen it was a perfect setup for the Great Spirit
Perhaps it was because Tang San’s peoples’ opponents were excessively savage, but as the announcer
declared both sides entering he was already flying in the air. Unfortunately, this announcer wasn’t as
visually attractive as Suotuo Great Spirit Arena’s beautiful Doudou, rather a handsome youth.
The Shrek Seven Devils glanced at their opponents, although the battle hadn’t yet started, the
opponents’ vicious spirit already assaulted them.
The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know how many members Fiend Team had, but the seven people on
stage were clearly their strongest seven, also the seven they previously received information about.
The captain was Berserk Giant Bear[1] Spirit Master Meng Li, the other six were also all Battle Spirit
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