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Modbus Conformance Certified...
The true benefit of any open
standard is the assurance it pro-
vides to users that the products
they buy will interoperate seam-
lessly. Any specification, no mat-
ter how carefully written, is sub-
ject to interpretation and occa-
sional misunderstanding. That's
where conformance testing be-
comes valuable.
The Modbus Organization re-
cently certified the
Eclipse Model 706,
a smart
level transmitter operating on
the principle of Guided Wave
Radar. The Model 706 can be
used in many level measurement
and control applications, includ-
ing those containing visible va-
pors, or media with varying di-
electric constant or specific grav-
The Modbus Organization also
recently certified
HMS Indus-
trial Networks’ Com-
pactCom M40
Ethernet Mod-
bus-TCP (PN AB6603-B ), a
complete communication module
that enables products to commu-
nicate on
a Modbus
CompactCom M40
family of products offers multi-
network connectivity with a
single development project, limit-
ing users’ development efforts to
a minimum.
Request more information
the organization’s Conformance
Test Program.
iRidium mobile
makes it easy
to monitor
industrial proc-
Modbus Q&A
Modbus Conformance
Testing Program
independent verification that a
It can be used to
broad array of qualifications has
detect overall
been met in compliance with
level or interface
Modbus specifications. It pro-
level, and in-
vides end users with the comfort
cludes a 30-point
that their design and configura-
custom strapping
tion process will proceed
table for volu-
smoothly and assures suppliers
metric and flow
that their products were devel-
oped in accordance with key
Eclipse Model 706
Modbus criteria.
New in 2015
We launch the year’s first news-
letter with a new design. The
newsletter has been dormant for
a while as we determined the best
way to present updates in the
Modbus world: yours and ours.
Count on the Modbus.org web
page to bring you the latest news
and updates on product releases,
updates and resources every day.
New Members...
Pegasus Automation Inter-
national LLC (PAI)
izes in designing and manufac-
turing building control systems.
PAI has a full range of control
products, including software,
controllers, sensors, and actua-
tors, which are sold worldwide
and designed to offer complete
solutions to the building con-
trols industry.
Years of experience, innovative
ideas, quality production facili-
ties and concrete services
make PAI a leader in the build-
ing control industry, and a
member of both BACnet and
the Modbus Organization.
PAI has over 20 international
distributors and partners
throughout America, Europe,
Australia, the Middle East and
Among its offerings are the
Pegasus GCU, a complete
network gateway with built-in
I/O, alarm, time scheduling,
and trending; Pegasus EC, a
programmable controller, able
to work standalone or connect
with a larger network; and the
Pegasus Smart Sensor, a net-
worked sensor including tem-
perature, humidity, CO, CO2,
pressure, and more.
The Kübler Group
is a spe-
cialist in the fields of position
and motion sensors, counting
and process technology and
transmission technology.
product releases are
Sendix F58 Modbus
encoder family and
the Codix 560 - now
available with RS232/RS485
interface supports for Modbus
RTU and the CR/LF protocol.
Joining the Modbus
Organization is easy
and affordable.
Download the
membership application
to learn more.
Among Kübler’s 2014/2015
Opto 22
manufactures con-
trollers, I/O, solid-state relays,
and software products that link
electrical, mechanical, and
electronic devices to networks
and computers.
The company's latest product,
makes it easy to build
mobile operator interfaces to
virtually any system, with no
Opto 22 recently released
groov 2.3, a major update,
adding Modbus TCP communi-
cation to the company's groov
web-based mobile interface
As a Modbus TCP master,
groov communicates directly
with Modbus TCP slave
devices over standard, non-
proprietary Ethernet networks.
Opto 22 was founded in 1974
by engineers who designed a
better solid-state relay and
chose to build it in a non-
corporate, flat organization.
Over 40 years later, Opto 22
is still privately held, and run
by engineers.
Monitoring Industrial Processes with Mobile Devices
CEOs and chief engineers need to
keep a hand on the pulse of their
enterprises — to know at any mo-
ment how their industrial proc-
esses are going. And it’s crucially
important to be instantly informed,
if anything goes wrong.
How best to accomplish this?
iRidium mobile, software designed
to control automation systems
from tablets and smart phones (for
iOS, Android, OS X, Windows
7/8), offers a flexible solution to
this problem.
Tablets and smart phones with
iRidium’s App, i2Next:, can:
can be modified to suit the needs
of a particular project, or users can
create new items in the iRidium
GUI Editor.
In 2013 Endress+Hauser used iRid-
ium in a project as mobile SCADA
for a tank gauging system in reser-
voir parks. Endress+Hauser is a
world leader in measurement
equipment, services and solutions
for industrial process engineering.
The company specializes in opti-
mizing technological processes for
economic efficiency, safety and
environmental impact.
Data were received from
TankVision controllers
using Modbus TCP and
displayed on the screen
of a tablet in iRidium's
Metro GUI. Interface.
Endress+Hauser used
iRidium to:
1. Monitor the state of
reservoirs (oil level,
oil mass, oil temperature and
oil density),
2. Notify reservoir park operators
about emergencies, and
3. Demonstrate capabilities of the
tank gauging system to potential
customers when visit-
ing their offices by
means of built-in
video broadcast.
Evgeniy Korzhakov, project depart-
ment head at Endress+Hauser Ltd.,
explained their choice of software,
“Using iRidium turned out to be an
interesting solution for customers,
as well as employees of our com-
pany. On the whole iRidium makes
it possible to receive data from and
control (if this function is available)
any field gadgets, such as pressure
display the current state of
industrial processes;
control Modbus systems via a
local net or the Internet;
notify about emergencies in
iPad tablet
data from
using iRid-
ium mobile
sensors, temperature sensors,
valves, pumps, etc.”
iRidium mobile can be used in in-
dustrial, commercial and home
automation projects. Learn more
iRidium for Modbus.
Configuration in iRidium's GUI
editor is well adapted for Modbus
integrators. Projects require mini-
mal manual setup, and iRidium
offers a variety of ready interfaces,
with many graphical items for a
wide range of purposes, e.g., but-
tons, sliders, triggers. Each of these
Q&A from the Modbus Discussion Forum
How to Format Correct
Modbus Address...
Hosein asked how to enter the
address in HEX for a Delta PID
temperature controller (model
number: DT48): Temperature con-
troller from Delta company in-
cluded the Modbus address as fol-
lows: 1000H for the process value.
David_2 replied:
In Modscan32, you can select
whether the register/addresses
display in decimal or hexadecimal
under Setup > Display Options >
Hex addresses.
I always use decimal addressing, but
I have a vague recollection that hex
addressing starts at 0001h in Mod-
scan, so you might have to add one
to the hex value shown in the Delta
register table in order to address
the correct register in the Delta.
For instance, Delta's 1000h might
be 1001h in Modscan, not 1000h
Use the data display (Setup > Dis-
play options > show data) unless
you like the torrent of hexadecimal
traffic flooding the screen.
continued, page 4
Modbus Discussion Forum, cont’d
The Delta's serial comm settings
have to match the comm settings in
Modscan. I think Modscan defaults
to RTU, but ASCII can be selected
(connection > connect > ad-
W.L. Mostia added:
1000Hex = 4096 decimal
See the following link:
to-decimal-converter for a con-
verter of Hex to Decimal or vice
You can set the data format in
Modscan32. Please see the Mod-
scan32 manual.
Also you you may have to take into
account that there may be an ad-
dress offset of 1 in some implemen-
tations of Modbus, e.g. Master sent
address of 4096 may be register
4097 in the slave?
Any information is provided on
Caveat Emptor basis.
Read more or add your comments
to this thread.
was register offset 0, and 0x00001
would be coil offset 0. Eventually,
when 64K memory became
cheaper than 4x, they bumped this
up to 5 digits, but it is still a Modi-
con notation. You'll find, as exam-
ple, that SE now use the %MW0
for memory-word instead.
My suggestion to vendors is always
just include two columns in the
document, so your two registers
would be 49 or 4x00050, plus 50
or 4x00051. This makes everyone
Fred Loveless located the ven-
dor’s documentation:
My colleagues and I did some re-
search based on the model and
found the manufacturer’s documen-
It clearly indicates that a holding
register read is used and that sim-
ply lists the register offsets.
The only thing that could be an
issue is if the are doing 0 or 1
based addressing for the registers.
Most devices use 1 base, which
means that if the master server or
SCADA asks for '40001' then the
request sent to the device is for
register 0. For 0 base addressing
'40001' would be register 1. Some-
times devices will only allow you to
read one register at a time as well.
If you try to read multiple registers
at one time you will get errors.
Read more or add your comments
to this thread.
Modbus Device Gateway:
Master or Slave...
Christoff DB asked the forum:
We are asked to add a modbus
gateway feature to a dedicated
device gateway we have. What
would a Modbus user/engineer
Lynn August Linse responded:
At a minimum, I would suggest this:
1) all data available as 4x/holding
registers, read by function 3. Any
bits get packed into 16-bit regs (be
aware of how byte-swapping is a bit
unexpected for this). If you allow
writing, then add both function 6
and 16. As some masters cannot
use function 6 - they will instead
use function 16 with count of 1.
2) Optionally, you can offer bits up
as 0x/coils, read by function 1.
3) Modbus doesn't have an effective
(or I should say commonly sup-
ported) masked bit write, so if you
want bits written, add support for
functions 5 and 15.
4) I'd avoid putting anything unique
in 1x/3x inputs, as some common
masters can't access those.
5) In summary, I'd say there is noth-
ing worse than some piddley little
device which puts:
- 7 bits in 0x/coils
- 3 bits in 1x/input status
- 15 words in 4x/holding regs
- 6 words in 3x/input regs
Here every master has to issue four
distinct requests to read almost no
data. I am not saying you cannot
support memory other than 4x/
holding regs, only that the best
thing you can do for your custom-
ers is make sure all data can be
read from a single function 3 call. In
the example above, Modbus RTU
can read all data in one read of 23
Read more or add your comments
to this thread.
Are These Valid Modbus
Geoffrybrown inquired:
polling a Modbus TCP Tempera-
ture probe from my SCADA sys-
tem, the manufacturer uses ad-
dresses 49 and 50 for Temp and
RH [sic]. They don't seem to be
valid Modbus read registers in my
Lynn August Linse offered:
You'll perhaps get a lot of answers,
but true Modbus numbers registers
from 0 to 65535, and coils also are
0 to 65535.
The 4x/0X stuff is a notation used
by early Modicon programming
tool, where 0 was reserved for
none/nop and the address was
strictly 0001 to 9999. So 4x0001
The Modbus Community
Technical discussions
Knowledge aggregation
Contact with Modbus users
supported by...
The Modbus Organization Mission
The Modbus Organization, Inc. is a group of
independent users and suppliers of automation
devices that seeks to drive the adoption of the
Modbus communication protocol suite and the
evolution to address architectures for distrib-
uted automation systems across multiple mar-
ket segments. Modbus Organization also pro-
vides the infrastructure to obtain and share
information about the protocols, their applica-
tion, and certification to simplify implementa-
tion by users resulting in reduced costs.
Modbus Organization, Inc.
5 Cedar St
PO Box 628
Hopkinton, MA 01748
E-mail: info@modbus.org
Phone: +1 508-435-7170
Fax: +1 508-435-7172
Modbus Resources
Modbus Q&A...
The Modbus Community is the pre-
mier on-line engineering discussion
forum. Sponsored by the Modbus
Organization and supported by Con-
trol.com, check out Q&A from the
Modbus Community
website or log-in
and have the threads you want
emailed directly to you.
Modbus conformance
The Modbus Conformance Testing
Program provides independent verifi-
cation that a broad array of qualifica-
tions has been met in compliance
with Modbus specifications. It pro-
vides verification that a device’s de-
sign and configuration process will
proceed smoothly and that products
were developed in accordance with
key Modbus criteria.
Learn more...
Order the Modbus TCP
Developer Toolkit
The Modbus TCP Toolkit provides all
the necessary pieces to develop a
Modbus TCP/IP-compliant device,
including documentation, diagnostic
tools, sample source code, and pre-
test software to prepare for Modbus
conformance certification.
Learn more...
The Modbus Community
Technical discussions
Knowledge aggregation
Contact with Modbus users
supported by...
Looking for the Modbus
specifications and
implementation guides?
The Modbus specifications and guides
for implementing Modbus over serial
line or Modbus TCP can be
downloaded freely from the Mod-
Technical Resources page.
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