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December-- 1929
Jesus Christ, acting as the great High Priest of Jehovah and with full authority, says to
the anointed members, "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
all the 'vorld for a
witness; and then shall the end come." This is a part of God's Word, and shall not return
unto him void, but shall accomplish his. will. The commandment is so positive and emphatic
that no one of God's anointed can mistake its meaning. This kingdom gospel must be preached.
The only question is,
will have the privilege of doing
The anointed will do the preaching. God has commissioned them so to do, and they could
not be faithful by taking any other course. If you are one of the anointed you have the
spirit of the Lord and it is a delight for you to obey his commandments. Preaching this gospel
means proclaiming the good :-.1ews of the Kingdom in whatsoever manner the Lord has ar-
ranged. He has provided the radio as an entree. He has caused millions of books to be manu-
factured containing the message of the Kingdom, and he has put his spirit upon
witnesses that they may confidently do the work of putting this message in the hands of the
people. When the preaching of this gospel is done, then the end of Satan's organization will
come, and that will be the time of great rejoicing for the oppressed peoples of earth.
be a time of greater rejoicing on the part of the anointed, because they will witness the name
of Jehovah completely vindicated.
The preaching of this gospel brought reproach upon Jesus. A servant is not greater than
his master; therefore expect to be persecuted. Those who gain the victory must overcome the
world. Those who love God and are faithful will overcome. 'Vhen you find opposition, rejoice
and go right on telling the truth to others. Such is the privilege of each one of the anointed.
You are serving the people with that which is of far greater importance to them than all the
material wealth of the world. The groaning creation needs the message of the Kingdom. Know-
ing that you are doing right and that good will result, and that Jehovah's name will be vin-
dicated, never for one moment slack your hand. Faithfulness to the end will bring boundless joy.
Read this BULLETIN and then thank God that together we may work in his cause. Go and
preach this gospel of the Kingdom to the praise of J ehoYah, and according to his promise rich-
est blessings shall be your portion.
'Vith much love and best wishes,
Your brother and servant
his grace,
THESE 7 FOR $2.40
The only reason for the existence of the So·
ciety is
preach this gospel of the l(ingdom.
The church, the anointed of the Lord, are in·
terested in nothing else but this Kingdom, which
will bring about the complete vindication of
God's name. Do we not have a wonderful priv.
have a part in
Just think of it.
Here, at the end of the age, when "the wise shall
understand", the anointed may plan and en-
deavor to bring about a greater witness
name of Jehovah. This must thrill everyone
who is really in the truth.
"\Ve are the Lord's witnesses. We are not en.
gaged in a bookselling campaign; our purpose
in going from door
door is to leave a witness
that Jehovah is God. Needless to say, there are
very few who know that. But in going from
place to place, leaving here a little and there a
little of God's truth, we give the witness God
wants given. We are not booksellers; we are
preachers of this gospel; we place the literature
with the people who desire to know more about
this gospel, and they are glad to give in ex-
change an amount of money to cover the cost
of production and distribution. Some courts of
the land have charged the Lord's anointed with
engaging in commercial business on Sunday.
That is because they do not know that we are
engaged in the biggest, the greatest, the most
important work under the sun, the defense of
God's word and name! The Lord's people have
the right to preach the gospel o£ the Kingdon1
when, where and how he directs. The noticeable
thing about Peter, John and all the disciples
was their unceasing efforts to tell out the truth
in spite of all opposition. The rulers of that
time perceived that these were unlearned and
ungifted men, yet they did recognize that these
had walked with Jesus and, like him, were bold
in their stand for their rights to preach the
be preached; and since Sun-
is one of the best days of the seven in the
week for that purpose, that's the day on which
we will make a special effort to tell someone,
somewhere, about the l(ingdom, regardless of
man-made ordinances.
We look forward to this coming year with
joy, because we know that the Lord is pleased
with our desire and efforts to give a greater
witness than last year. To keep us reminded of
the Lord's special commandn1ent at this par-
ticular time, Brother Rutherford has chosen as
our slogan, "This l(ingdom Gospel l\Iust Be
A Wider
The Society, every year, makes plans for
bringing about a greater witness than before,
and as members of the Society, all of the anoint-
ed are vitally interested in the outline of the
work for the year
"\V e believe this will
make everyone of the anointed exceedingly hap-
py. Beginning with January 25,
the seven
cloth.:.bound books written by Brother Ruther-
ford will be offered to the people for $2.40, in-
stead of the present offer of only six for $2.43.
The second thing is that four of our ten-cent
booklets will be offered for a quarter, and nine
of them for fifty cents, instead of the present
three for a quarter. Just one more thing, and
that is, a ten-percent discount will be taken off
the retail amount of any cmnbination totaling
more than $1.50. This means that if you make
up a combination which would amount to
discount, or
would be subtracted, so
that the party would receive it for only $1.80.
Now, isn't it wonderful, the things the Lord
provides for his people
The Lord has made
This Kingdom Gospel
Owing to the unemployment situation, crop
failures, and financial depression, which are so
prevalent in this country, a special effort should
be made to inform the people concerning. the
only true remedy. The following letters from
what might be called ''hard-hit" territory illus-
trate how the lower price aids in placing more
A brother and sister write us from Florida:
Owing to hard times in Florida, we felt that we
should be doing well could we dispose of our
ture Studies
in that time. Imagine our surprise when
Monday, 4 p.m., of the week of the drive came, we
found ourselves out of
Scripture Studies.
We put
the balance of the week in canvassing for the other
volumes. We had a glorious week.
every provision for the anointed to preach this
gospel of the Kingdom. Don't you believe that
you can place more seven-book combinations at
$2.40 than you could six-book combinations at
$2.451 We believe so. Last year the average
class worker placed 10.3 five-book combinations,
auxiliary colporteur 32.8 combinations, and
pioneer 143 combinations. Now, if with these
new prices the class workers can place 12 seven-
book combinations each, the
33, and
the pioneers 150, with a similar increase in the
smaller combinations placed, we shall more than
surpass the quota of 5,500,000 books and book-
The following is the price you will take when
placing the books and booklets :
Another one from Wisconsin says:
Practically all marveled at the offer, taking the
books quite readily, even to the extent of giving every
cent in their possession, or borrowing money. This
proved to us that there is a class whom the Lord
favors with the light at the present time.
............................... 35
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45
Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.70
The 7 books in one combination
Single ..............................10
Two in combination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Four in combination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
Nine in combination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50
Change on January First
The pioneer and auxiliary colporteurs will re-
ceive information from the colporteur depart-
ment very shortly as to their new rates. All
change in prices will go into effect January
That will give you the time between the 1st and
25th to dispose of your old stock, and all the
orders that we receive after the first will be
charged on the accounts according to the new
price list. This will be for both classes and
During the last drive-week, in which we
Studies in the Scriptures
for $1.25, the
results proved beyond a doubt that more books
can be placed in the hands of the people when
the price is lower. The people realize that we
are not book agents, nor trying to make money,
but are encouraging home Bible study and are
there in the interest of God's kingdom, which
will bring them life and happiness.
Our Privilege
should rejoice our hearts to have the priv-
ilege ,of offering these people some literature
that will bring them comfort and peace of mind .
. Some of the friends think that they should not
accept the last few pennies or dollars from the
people in exchange for the books. Remember
what the Bible says, "Man shall not live by
bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth
out of the mouth of God." In the 6th chapter of
Matthew the Lord says, "Is not the life more
than meat, and the body than raiment
matter how much anyone eats or how much he
has to wear, it will not bring him life. The only
way to get life, peace, and happiness is through
God's Word. Jesus said, "This is life eternal,
that they might know thee, the only true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." We
have this message and should take it to the peo-
ple now. Undoubtedly the conditions are had in
this country, but that always proves to be the
best time to give the message of comfort to the
people. When they have plenty of money and
are prosperous they are self-satisfied; they do
not think of the Lord. When adversity comes,
then they are more inclined to turn their
thoughts and attention to the only true God
and we have something for them.
President Hoover has called together the rail-
road men, labor men, bankers and those repre-
Must Be Preached
sentiug the big business institutions to try to to Fehruary 2. During this period of time
stabilize the business conditions in this country. wish that all of the class workers would engage
There is unrest and unmnployment. People are in a one-book drive, using only
wondering what it's all about. There never was ever, the colporteurs should work with the
a more favorable ti1ne or more hearing ears seven-book combination.
e hope that every
than when conditions are just as we find them one of the colporteurs will put forth a special
today. 'Ve, the Lord's anointed, have that which effort this week to place the
books at
the people need and n1ust have; namely, the $2.40. Your work will prove the effect of this
reason things in the woTld are as they are, and remarkable offer, and we shall be very n1uch
the inforn1ation that the Lord's gracious pur- interested in your reports.
pose is to s1nash the Devil's control of earth and
The first IBSA
eek for next year will be
bring happiness, plenty and life to the people. from April 26 to 1fay 4. Of course, frorn
During the last drive week the friends i.n
February 2 on, the class workers will engage in
United States placed
sets of
Studtes tn
the seven-book campaign, but we hope, by the
the Script'ltres,
and fr01n England the report 26th of April, to have all classes supplied with
us that they placed all of the 6,000 sets the flashtone cartons containing the seven books,
they had on hand.
e know that
have so that every class worker will make a special
been hard ti1nes in that country, but It seems effort with the seven-book combination ·during
that the harder the times the better it is for us the first IBSA Week. Arrangements have al-
to approach the people. The Lord has made it ready been made to have the Bethel Home and
possible that we can now offer the later books the factory closed on 1\;fay 2, 3, and 4, so that
at a reduction. Due to these arrangements every the family can engage in the big spring drive of
one in the Lord's organization should 'press the the year.
battle to the gate', so that the truth can be
The second IBSA Week will be from Septem-
in every home possible regardless of conditions. ber 27 to October 5. Further details of the
Then only shall we have preached effectively month to n1onth work will be given in the reg-
the gospei of the I(ingdorn. This, dear friends, ular monthly
is nwre inlportant than anything in the whole
Another feature of this year's campaign
"\Vorld. 'Vith this reduction a greater amount which we believe will prove to be a great stim-
of literature can be placed in the homes of the ulus to the workers is the division of the country
poor, and the rich too, for that matter, and, wit? into
districts. In each district one or more
the Lord's blessing, G-od's name will be magni- regional service directors have been assigned
fied. 'Ve should just like to give you a few more for the purpose of encouraging and helping the
letters showing that a lower amount will place friends to give a greater witness to the l(ing-
nwre books.
dom. Seventy-two different conventions have
e hear fron1 Oklah01na:
been arranged to be held throughout the year,
One experience I had
I placed six full sets in
and so conveniently located in various parts of
one store. So if there is any other drive for any reason,
the country that the friends in every class will
count on me.
be able to be present at one or more of then1.
"\Ve are going to count on this worker for the Each convention will begin with a special rally
"-hole year with these new prices.
on Friday evening. Part of Saturday and Sun-
lTron1 Illinois :
day forenoon and afternoon will be devoted to
People seemed to be astounded at the price. They
the field service and meetings will be held in the
could hardly believe but that we meant
for each
late afternoon and evening of each day. The
said, "$1.25 for each volume would be
theme song of e·ach convention is to be,· THIS
cheap,'' which
is true,
when one knows the great
truths in each
A chairman will be appointed by the Society,
to serve, and the regional service director in the
respective districts will be there also.
e be-
the new priees in effect January 25, lieve that such assemblages of the brethren in
we wish .to outline the ca1npaign for the entire an unselfish desire to honor the nmne of J eho-
year. As stated in the
there· will be a vah will be richly blessed by him.
special drive with
from January 25
Special arrangements
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