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No individual should attempt to follow a bodyweight training program, or to apply the techniques,
methods or nutritional approaches described in this manual, without first being cleared to do so by
their physician.
The authors and publisher of this manual are not responsible in any form for any injury which may
occur as a result of following the instructions within. The exercises and methods described or
alluded to in this book can be strenuous. Please apply due care during all physical training, and never
attempt to train or coach another individual unless you are fully licensed and insured to do so. This
book is intended for entertainment purposes only. This book is not biography. The names, histories
and circumstances of the individuals featured in this book have accordingly been changed either
partially or completely.
Calisthenics Mass:
How to maximize muscle growth
using bodyweight-only training
Dedicated to all the members of the PCC community.
This book began its life as an extensive two-part post on the Progressive
Calisthenics Certification blog. The posts were titled
The Ten Commandments of
Calisthenics Mass.
(I groove on numbers and regimented lists, in case ya
noticed…the “Big Six”, then Ten Steps, etc. A left-over
of prison life, no doubt.)
After hundreds of questions and comments—many via email—it became clear that
the theme had struck a nerve. This issue of muscle-gain and its relationship to
calisthenics is a biggie, and it always has been. Folks had questions, new ideas,
observations…in short, they wanted more than a couple of blog articles could
That’s why I was prompted to write this e-book—C-MASS.
It contains an edited
and extended version of the original two articles, welded together for clarity and
reference purposes. There is also a stack of new material added just for the book,
including a chapter explaining the essence of bodyweight bodybuilding, a section
on programming, bodypart training tips and a full FAQ guide to help with any
troubleshooting, plus more.
This book is dedicated to the members of the PCC community who made it
happen. If you get a kick out of this manual, hop on down to the PCC blog and
make a comment or contribution. Join the fastest-growing elite bodyweight
training community on planet Earth.
I hope to see ya there, muscles!
Paul “Coach” Wade 2014
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