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Chapter 183
Capital of Metal, Gengxin City
Ning Rongrong said:
“I’ve been cultivating at home every day for all these years, I’m already bored to death. I’ll regret it if
you leave.”
Tang San smiled:
“Isn’t that a chance to make a world for you two alone? Don’t tell me you’ve been suffering now.”
While speaking, he smiling winked at Oscar.
Oscar grinned, and Ning Rongrong’s charming face turned red, pinching Oscar hard,
“Laugh, you laugh. Humph humph, if not for you, I would’ve gone to play with third brother.”
Oscar was still smiling, and still smiling very proudly, he didn’t seem in pain from Ning Rongrong’s
forceful pinching.
From the side, Ma Hongjun suddenly cried out,
“Ah, little Ao, Rongrong is breaking your arm.”
Ning Rongrong was alarmed, hastily looking at Oscar’s arm, but instead of signs of breaking, it was
just a bit red.
Looking at her nervous expression, Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Oscar couldn’t help laughing. For a
moment, the atmosphere in the wooden house turned extremely relaxed.
Ning Rongrong hit Oscar’s shoulder hard, embarrassed lowering her head. Oscar caught her hand and
held it close, his smile recovering some of its previous vulgarity.
Tang San said:
“However, Rongrong, if you really do ask senor Bone Douluo to watch over the Academy, then we
really will go out on a trip again. And this time, we can’t do without you, the Tang Sect’s god of
Hearing this, Ning Rongrong’s eyes immediately brightened, looking at Tang San with flickering light
in her big eyes,
“Third brother, where are you going to play?”
Oscar raised his hand to knock the top of her head,
“Silly girl, all you know is playing, don’t tell me you don’t need to cultivate?”
Ning Rongrong snorted,
“If third brother said it, then it’s definitely proper business. We’ll go by carriage, we can cultivate
there! Besides, Grandmaster said that always worrying about cultivating will instead be harmful to
spirit power progress. Suitable relaxation is also necessary.”
Tang San smiled:
“It really is proper business. Our Tang Sect’s hidden weapon manufacturing requires large quantities of
metal. The Strength Clan doesn’t lack common metals, but we have to go out to buy uncommon ones. I
heard elder Tai Tan say that the capital of metal, Gengxin City, has all kinds of metal for sale, a lot of
uncommon metals too. Elder Niu Gao is enough to start constructing the plans for the Tang Sects, so
we and elder Niu Gao will make a trip to Gengxin City and have a look at whether we can dredge up
some treasures. At least we’ll buy back some common metals for forging hidden weapons. We have to
manufacture a batch of finished goods in the next year. Once the Seven Great Sects re-election
assembly starts, perhaps that will have some effect. If we let Spirit Hall successfully hold this assembly,
the two great empires will become too passive. We have to help the two great empires attract as many
spirit masters as possible at the assembly.”
On Tang San’s mention of Spirit Hall, Ning Rongrong’s expression immediately turned hateful,
“No matter what, we’ll manufacture them some trouble this time. Ruin their assembly.”
While speaking, she suddenly stood, and Tang San stunned said:
“Rongrong, what are you doing?”
Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:
“Naturally I’m going back for reinforcements! We’ll go out when grandpa Gu comes!”
Tang San smiled:
“You’re unexpectedly impatient.”
Oscar also stood, saying:
“I’ll accompany her.”
Tang San originally planned to allocate some of the money from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School
to construct the Tang Sect, but let it be on second thought. Anyway, he himself had put aside some
fairly impressive savings over these years, enough to build the Tang Sect. The Seven Treasure Glazed
Tile School’s money would be spent on buying metal, that was where it was needed the most.
Perhaps it was because she hadn’t gone out for too long, but Ning Rongrong’s efficiency was extreme.
When she returned from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School that evening, she actually directly
brought Bone Douluo back with her. Ning Fengzhi didn’t come personally, only let Ning Rongrong tell
Tang San that everything on the Imperial Family side was under control. Only emperor Xue Ye’s
poison still hadn’t been dissolved, but Poison Douluo was expending all his efforts to detoxify it.
At the same time, learning Tang San would go to buy metals Ning Fengzhi also specially gave Ning
Rongrong a sum of money. Adding the sum from before, the overall sum reached five hundred
thousand gold spirit coins. It clearly showed that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s reputation as
the richest sect absolutely wasn’t undeserved. In fact, a condition of Tang San and Ning Fengzhi’s
agreement was that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would have priority on the hidden weapons
the Tang Sect produced. Moreover, a full eighty percent of the price would be deducted from this
advance payment.
However, they still couldn’t set off immediately. Tang San and the others had just returned, travel worn
and fatigued. They needed some rest and readjustment, and the plans on the Tang Sect’s side still
needed adjustment.
One week later, after everything was properly arranged, everyone set off under Tai Tan’s directions for
the main headquarters of the continental smith association, Gengxin City.
As they were about to leave the Tang Sect, Tai Tan couldn’t help laughing out loud. There were still
those two special carriages, each handled by a Strength Clan clansman. Everyone split into the two
carriages. Tang San, Xiao Wu and Tai Tan was in one. Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Ma Hongjun the
“It’s really good to have old rhino here, leaving the whole mess for him to deal with, I can be all arm-
flinging shopkeeper. Young master, did you see the old rhino’s face when we left just now? Thinking of
that indignant expression, I just want to laugh.”
Tang San smiled slightly, pulling Xiao Wu closer against his chest,
“With senior Niu Gao in charge of building the Tang Sect, you can be at ease! If it was anyone else,
maybe you’d hate to leave it to him.”
Tai Tan nodded earnestly, saying:
“That’s so. Old rhino isn’t just my brother, in the construction field, perhaps you couldn’t find anyone
stronger than him in the entire continent. This time we’re buying large quantities of the surrounding
properties, the Tang Sect is expanding to more than twice the size of our Strength Clan mansion. With
old rhino here, once we get back, it might be close to finished.”
Tang San smiled:
“It might be impossible to build slowly. With the strength of the Strength Clan people, as well as the
craftsmanship of the Defense Clan, how couldn’t it be fast? On the subject, actually seeing senior Niu
Gao’s artistry in construction, he is indeed worthy of being called a construction grandmaster.”
Thinking of the construction plans he had seen in these few days, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart
from twitching. How was that building a mansion? Clearly it was a fortress! Of course, the expenses
were corresponding. After Tang San made clear he would support it financially, Niu Gao’s plans had
undergone a series of changes. The required building materials had also undergone large changes.
When Tang San imagined it now, he rather felt terrified. Simply put, even the doors of each room were
wood paneled iron plates. As for the mansion courtyard walls, they were going to be fifteen meters
high. That height was enough to rival the imperial palace.
Tang San of course wasn’t concerned the government would make trouble. The day before yesterday he
had specially gone to the Moon Pavilion to see his aunt Tang Yuehua. For some official matters,
directly having his aunt’s help in clearing obstacles naturally wouldn’t be problematic. That he didn’t
directly let Ning Fengzhi help was because he didn’t want information about the Tang Sect to leak from
the imperial family side.
From the moment he convinced the four single attribute clans, the Tang Sect had already stepped onto
the road of forming. Before the seven great sects re-election assembly that Spirit Hall organized started,
was the most important time for the Tang Sect’s development.
Xiao Wu leaned on Tang San’s shoulder, quietly waiting. Her eyes were still empty. Since meeting
Ning Rongrong, Tang San could finally heave a sigh of relief. When Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong were
together, she wouldn’t particularly stick to him. But making him not know whether to laugh or cry was
that, at night, this would immediately change. No matter what was said, the soulless Xiao Wu didn’t
want to sleep with Ning Rongrong. Under Oscar and Ma Hongjun’s disdainful gazes on several
occasions, Tang San still had to achingly and happily sleep together with her. However, this also
advanced Tang San’s cultivation. Being together with a lover who preferred being naked every day,
how would he dare sleep? He just cultivated every night as Xiao Wu slept. And his thighs had also
become Xiao Wu’s preferred pillow.
Gengxin City was within the borders of Star Luo Empire, by coincidence in an entirely different
direction than Rising Dragon City. Rising Dragon City was southeast from Heaven Dou Empire, and
Gengxin City was within the borders of Star Luo City to the southwest, close to the interior region of
Star Luo Empire. This journey wasn’t short, travelling at top speed the whole way, they had used close
to a month when they arrived at Gengxin City.
Gengxin City was one of Star Luo Empire’s main cities, but it absolutely didn’t count as any famous
place. The area belonging to the city only included a lower river. The Douluo Continent was a spirit
master world. As a city of metal, it was normal that it wasn’t valued. The status of smiths was the same
as ordinary people. The smith association might have some influence in this city, but Spirit Hall was a
spirit master organization and could influence the situation in the whole continent. This showed how
huge the difference was between smiths and spirit masters.
Tai Tan told Tang San that the greater the smith, the larger the chance it was a spirit master. Because
spirit masters’ strength far surpassed that of ordinary people and could forge more elaborately. Of
course this wasn’t absolute. There were still some smithing geniuses that could still have enormous
accomplishments in the smith world without the aid of spirits.
Distantly, Gengxin City was already in view, and everyone left the carriages. As far as could be seen,
they could see those tall city walls. Gengxin City’s walls seemed entirely iron gray, as if forged from
metal. Even though they still hadn’t entered the city, they could vaguely feel some of the metallic
atmosphere of Gengxin City.
Ning Rongrong somewhat excitedly pulled Xiao Wu’s hand,
“Finally here, sitting in the carriage the whole way has made my bones go soft.”
No matter how comfortable the Strength Clan’s carriages, sitting in one for a month might still be
boring. However, this journey couldn’t be said to be completely without rewards. Ma Hongjun had
really begun to work hard, perhaps it was because of what Tang San said to him, but on the road he had
put his effort into cultivating and his spirit power had risen from fifty seventh rank to fifty eighth. The
distance to the critical point of rank sixty was one step closer.
Flender once told Ma Hongjun that when his spirit power reached the seventieth rank, and he could use
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