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Rees: Chapter One
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Chapter One
By the time Kieran dodged his fourth set
of patrollers, he started to get pissed off.
Sure, send Kieran down to the dock-
yards. If the patrollers catch me, all I have
to do is pretend I have no idea I’m in a re-
stricted area, and they’ll just cart me home.
The problem was that Rees, who’d de-
cided Kieran should go, was likely right.
Kieran was a giant of a man, and very
strong. People were terrified of him at first,
and even his Shareem friends jumped when
they saw Kieran step into a dark room, be-
fore they realized who it was.
Good for being their bodyguard,
thought irritably.
Or helping them move.
He ducked into the shadows under a
colossal K-class freighter as three women
patrollers in sand-colored coveralls, carrying
stun rifles, went by in their long-legged
A fierce whisper came out of the darkness
near Kieran’s feet. “Hey!” It was a woman’s
voice, the words dry and cracked. “Find your
own hiding place. No way they’re not going
to see
Kieran looked down—a long way
down—at a woman dressed in a dirty coverall
crouched next to a support strut. She was a
young woman, which was about all Kieran
could tell beneath the grime that covered
her. Spaceport filth, Bor Nargan dust, soot
from exhaust ports, and things Kieran didn’t
want to know about caked her face, hair, and
coveralls. From all this dirt, light gray-green
eyes stared up at him with a glare attempting
to mask absolute terror.
The patrollers stopped next to the freight-
er, and Kieran jammed a finger to his lips.
He hunkered down next to her in the shad-
ows, and wisely, the young woman shut up.
She stank like she’d been crawling
through waste ducts, and her matted hair
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