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Drawing Club
Master the Art of Drawing
Characters from Life
Bob Kato
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Text © 2014 Bob Kato
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ISBN: 978-1-59253-911-6
Digital edition published in 2014
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Kato, Bob.
The drawing club handbook : mastering the art of drawing characters from life / Bob Kato.
pages cm
Summary: “Does your cartoon, comic, film, or story need a quirky individual? How about a
leading lady? Rogue superhero? By working through the exercises found in The Drawing Club,
acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to draw personality archetypes of any kind­-
movie heroes, pulp fiction characters, and pop culture stars from every era.”
-- Provided by publisher.
ISBN 978-1-59253-911-6 (paperback)
1. Characters and characteristics in art. 2. Graphic arts--Technique. I. Title.
NC825.C43K38 2014
Design: Jill von Hartmann
Front cover: (left to right & top to bottom) Justine Limpus Parish; Will Martinez, Bill Perkins, Rich Tuzon; Joey Mason, Forest Card,
Jeffrey James Smith; Mike Neumann, Ron Velasco, Daniel Rios, Aaron Paetz; Justine Limpus Parish, Bill Perkins, Kendra Melton,
Bill Perkins. Front flap: Bob Kato. Back jacket: (left to right) George Stokes; John Tice; Erik Petri; Miguel Angel Reyes
Getty Images, page 25; Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, page 30 (left)
Paper used in artwork, page 8, Japanese Bachelor’s Button, Graphics Products Corporation,
Printed in China
Emma Peele,
marker on paper, Paul Briggs
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