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Amtix Magazine Issues 0-18 (October 1985 - Apri 1987)

** Note: This is a repack of a collection previously available. It is
** identical except that the PDF's are now approximately half the size!

Amtix was Newsfield's magazine for Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 users.
Identical in layout (and sometimes content) to Crash and Zzap 64, it
only lasted 19 issues before being pulled.

These PDFs are the complied collections of page scans available on . They've been OCR'd to allow text searching and copying
- this should prove very useful for the Amstrad archivist who'd like to
have their own local searchable archive. They look great on most PDF
readers, including the iPad.

The OCR software has done it's best, but has struggled with some of the
more unusual fonts and layouts used, and by the relatively low DPI of
the source images. Also, paragraph formatting is a bit random at best.
Some of the covers of the issues haven't been OCR'd, as the OCR software
latched onto the offset text.

The file size is a bit larger than the combined size of the original JPG
images; I've done my best to make the PDF's as compact as possible
without losing image quality. Be grateful for cheap storage :)

More OCR'd scans will be periodically available - please check for more information.

Thanks to Martijn van der Heide for the wonderful World Of Spectrum site
(, and ADJB and everyone else on the WoS forums
for help and advice. Also, thanks to CPCWiki for the original scans.

90's style "greets" to anyone formally or currently involved in the
Amiga scene, especially Pazza, Mic Flair, Violator, Denzil, Tango, Fat
Will, mUb and Maximan, and anyone else who read or wrote for LSD
Grapevine. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be ;)

Ken D

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