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Christmas Ti! Pac
All you need for your Christmas project.
A Christmas Pack of festive
stationery designs and
• 41
pictures to stbmilate writing
and design.
Over 300 pictures for use with
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'Illtiotrere Desktop Folio or your other
Archimedes programs.
Ready-made Desktop Folio
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Late News
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calendars, pop-up cards,
stationery for advent
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posters and more.
An illustrated booklet of
•‹,lisi-‘ (.1' practical design ideas to get
you started.
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T I C a i r y M S T H E R M BUILT
The Christmas Theme Pack is a fun and
stimulating way to encourage writing and
designing skills in children of all ages. Ideal for
any Christmas project, it has everything you need.
The three discs, for use with all Archimedes
programs, contain 310 pictures of Santa, holly,
robins, festive scenes, greetings in fancy fonts
and much more. Use these prepared pictures to
make wonderful Christmas designs for greetings
cards, calendars, lunch menus and more!
For Desktop Folio users the ready-to-use
stationery will save hours of preparation time.
Simply choose pictures and add text to
personalise Christmas cards, advent calendars,
posters, pop-up cards, diaries, stickers, letters
and envelopes.
Contents: 3 discs and a booklet of ideas. All
contained in one handy A5 binder with space for
your own notes and ideas.
How to order your
Christmas Theme Pack
Simply send in your order on official letterhead, quoting product
reference, title and price. Schools: your goods will he sent on
credit. Private customers: please send cash with order, cheques
payable to ESM. F o r credit card orders, please 'phone 0945
63441. For orders under £50. please addt2.50 P&P (plus VAT).
Please send to ESM. Dept 18. Duke Street. Wisbech PE13 2AE.
Illustrated Booklet of ideas
This booklet offers practical design ideas using
stationery provided. Find out how to make pop-
up cards and advent calendars! Author Des
Thomas links work to the National Curriculum
and lists useful software, fonts and books.
ES220 C h r i s t m a s Theme Pack E 3 5 ex. VAT
This leaflet was created using Desktop Folio.
October 1991.
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