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The King's Game
The Kusanagi family had a custom of gathering together for the New Years
to have a party.
The main family and its off branches gathered in one big hall and drank till
they dropped.
There were unexpectedly many heavy drinkers in the family and only a few
people couldn't hold their liquor.
The enormous amounts of alcohol their ancestors had kept consuming had
led to their family developing alcohol-decomposing-enzymes on par with
the Russians. At least that is how one of their relatives had recklessly put
This gathering stressed Godou out to no end.
The banquet by itself was still fine. Well, it was a good chance to rekindle
relationships with relatives one didn't see often. However.
Later there was the after party, which was the truly troubling matter.
Hanafuda, cee-lo, poker, backgammon, mahjong, it was this sort of crazy
gambling festival that combined Japanese and Western games.
Furthermore, they were betting real money, and with ridiculous amounts at
On the surface children were strictly forbidden from participating, but
Godou had intermingled since he was six.
Godou had always been dearly loved by an old man who had died 5 years
ago. The legend stated that long ago this man was the strongest as well as
the last gambler of Kantou. Whenever they met, the old man would teach
Godou various games.
A few relatives who knew about this took Godou gambling for fun on New
Years. the end, he made a killing.
By then it was unstoppable. Like a rolling stone.
To take revenge, once New Year came around the adults would get fired
up and force Godou to come with them. And he would inadvertently win.
This year was the tenth year of this never ending cycle of madness.
Well, I'm in high school now, it's about time I get away from that...
Godou muttered words of caution to himself.
Right now it was late in the wintry month of December. The end of the year
and the New Year celebrations were right around the corner. This year he
really had to cut ties with that unpleasant gambling party...
Well, even if he went, perhaps he could just play in a way that didn't stand
However that wouldn't work. In the face of both victory and defeat, he
would be ignited with a blazing battle spirit. Godou painfully thought about
how this could completely be described as a gambling hell.
It was about time to think of countermeasures.
While Godou was racking his brains, the 25th of December arrived.
It was the day after the modest party held on Christmas Eve. On this day
"the usual suspects" - Erica, Yuri, Liliana and Ena - had gathered at the
Kusanagi household.
The party had gone late into the night.
When the morning after the party came, everyone assembled once again
to tidy up the house.
After everyone finished cleaning the house, they gathered in the living
room for a break.
They were chatting and exchanging their plans for New Year. It wasn't until
this moment that Godou found out about the end-of-the-year festivities the
hime-mikos had. Furthermore, for a certain reason he decided he would
also participate, but―
―That is a later story.
"Excuse me, there are some matters that require my attention. I'll be
outside answering the phone."
Erica's cellphone ringtone had suddenly sounded. After she briefly glanced
over the name on the display screen, Erica got up.
"Looks like she is quite busy during the end of the year…." muttered
Godou as he eyed Erica from behind as she left the living room.
For the two hime-miko Yuri and Ena, New Year's holidays meant a busy
period, too. Maybe everyone was tied up during this time after all.
"In Europe, even more than New Year's, the time around Christmas - right
about now - is the liveliest, busiest period. Come the new year, it's all the
more peaceful though," said Liliana, who was born in Europe.
Thinking about it, many countries with the lunar or Hindu calendar also
celebrated New Year's, although it seemed like the various customs
differed greatly depending on where you were. Godou was intrigued by the
"Which reminds Ena, Your Majesty said you didn't want to go to the New
Year's party?"
"As I recall, you said there was that difficult after party?"
Godou nodded in response to Ena's and Yuri's questions
"Frankly, calling it an after party isn't quite the right expression. This is a
gathering in which the men among our relatives will use a ridiculous
amount of money to go on an all-night gambling spree. They even
specially reserve a small restaurant..."
"Hey, that sounds pretty interesting~."
"G-Gambling……are you talking about betting money!?"
While Ena's eyes were sparkling, the sensible Yuri was shocked.
"U-um, why is a minor like Godou participating in such a gathering? I just
don't understand the reason."
"Ahhh…..When I was a child I accidentally made a killing once. Since then,
every year they would force me to participate."
"Anyway, I also think it's time for me to get away from gambling."
"G-Godou-san, someone your age shouldn't be saying these kinds of
Of course Yuri was expressing her dissatisfaction. On the other hand,
Liliana said the following:
"Kusanagi Godou, would you mind if I accompany you? As your grand
chamberlain, it is one of my duties to support you in that situation."
"You'd better not, Liliana~...…I don't think you'd be able to adapt to that
kind of environment."
"Not able to adapt?"
"Simply put, there's that Salvatore Doni, right? Imagine dozens of people
like him getting fired up, absorbed in gambling like idiots, eyes bloodshot...
Have fun with that dump truck with broken brakes."
After hearing the name of that brainless young Italian, Yuri and Liliana fell
silent altogether.
Their expressions were half shocked, half astonished. Apparently it got
across that it was a racket beyond help or reason.
However the third girl - Ena was actually happily laughing.
"Ena's been coming and going at such places since she was a child. Your
Majesty seems very capable, too. How about a contest with Ena?"
"With you, Seishuuin?"
"Ena's been taught by that well-connected uncle and the priest, and her
fencing master, too, so she can boast a bit. Want to give it a shot?"
"I've got no reason to refuse, but... your acquaintances are also messed
up, aren't they?"
A priest and a kendoist (someone who does kendo~~) teaching a little girl
how to gamble...
Their titles seemed strict, but the details reminded him of Yakuza more
than anything, Godou murmured unintentionally.
"I wonder what we have in the house right now... if we search, finding a
hanafuda deck or something should be really easy."
"Hanafuda~? Sure, then Yuri can play, too. This is perfect!"
Ena's suggestion was fishy, so Godou and Yuri retorted in unison.
"Mariya actually gambles... no way, right?"
"Ah, yes. Ena said she knew a fun game and taught me, so I accompanied
her from time to time and... don't tell me..."
"Yuri's got good intuition so she's actually quite a formidable opponent.
Playing with her will be fun!"
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