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Table of Contents
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Chapter 14
WHEN SAM FLYNN WAS A LITTLE BOY, his dad, Kevin, told him a story every night before he went back to
the office. Kevin didn’t work the night shift or anything. He owned a software company, Encom, and he
worked there…a lot.
Sam loved his father’s stories because they were almost always about Tron, the hero of the popular
video game his dad had invented.
“The grid is the digital frontier,” Kevin would tell Sam. “Add quantum paring, biodigital teleportation,
enfoldment, and they have the power to change everything…”
Hold up, dad, Sam would think. I’m only seven!
Even though Sam wasn’t quite old enough to understand everything his dad said, he loved the stories
anyway and would always try to follow along.
“I imagined what it looked like inside the computer,” Kevin would say to his son. “I kept dreaming of a
world I thought I’d never see. Then one day—”
“You got in,” Sam finished, always right on cue.
“I got in…” his dad would echo.
Sam understood this part of the story. His dad had actually gotten into a computer. He’d played the
games from the inside.
“The world behind the computer screen was more beautiful and more dangerous than I ever imagined,”
his father would explain. “But with the help of a brave warrior named Tron, I took down the evil Master
Control Program. Then I got back out.”
The story always ended there. Except for one important night ...
“I tried to forget the digital world,” Kevin informed his son. “But I couldn’t let it go. I kept tinkering, and one
day I got inside again.”
Sam got excited. This part of the story was new!
“It was my world, my creation,” Kevin said. “But I needed help to build a new system, so I created a
program that could think. Like me. Like you. I named it Codified Likeness Utility—or Clu for short. But then
something unexpected happened. A miracle!”
His father did not go on. Sam pleaded with him to stay home that night. Sam wanted to hear more of the
story. But Kevin shook his head.
“I have to go, Sam,” his dad said. “We’ve got to see how the story ends, right?”
Sam nodded, but his eyes were filled with disappointment. Trying to cheer him up, Kevin promised Sam
that they would go to Flynn’s arcade first thing the next morning. They could play a couple of levels of the
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